Since 1996 we, people of LIFTCO have been consistently serve Material Handling

We apply innovative practices and propose strategic solutions where everyone else stops.

Athens based Liftco has been active for over 15 years in the field of forklift trucks, special cargo vehicles including support equipment in the field of Material Handling as well as Logistics and Industries warehouse systems. Liftco has managed to be ranked amongst the most competitive companies in the field of forklift truck due to the dedication of our team, the highly trained and skilled technicians but most of all the excellent know-how and the expertise we have obtained up until now.


Our products


Automated Guided Vehicles

LIFTCO has constructed and introduced the first Automated Guided forklift truck in Greece using a pioneering and state-of-the-art automated guided system and modern safety systems Safety PLC (programmable logic controller)

Adaptability and multiple uses

The said vehicles can be used in mixed mode, either manually or by pedestrian operators.


AGVs are programmed to detect obstacles and react accordingly by readapting their speed or interrupting their course when in emergency situations.


No special infrastructure is required, such as induction cables or magnets, thus reducing the cost for AGV vehicles whether it is for a single or more loads.

Special design & high endurance

They are designed according to the specific project and conditions.