Automated Guided Vehicles



We have designed future with the experience of the past.

LIFTCO has constructed and introduced the first Automated Guided forklift truck in Greece using a pioneering and state-of-the-art automated guided system and modern safety systems Safety PLC (programmable logic controller). LIFTCO automated guided vehicles do not need induction cables, magnets or reflectors for triangulation to work.

They can be used in areas that do not require certain infrastructure thus reducing the operation cost. They are equipped with safety rated sensors and high definition cameras in accordance with the standards of the current European legislation. They have also a fully accurate navigation and positioning system to identify natural obstacles and constraints hence performing a specified route with complete safety. This way the risk of an accident due to load carriage or displacement becomes almost zero. At the same time the production line and the machinery movement within the production area is optimized, thus creating a completely safe working environment.

Having a huge experience and expertise in operation and maintenance of all types of forklifts or other special vehicles, LIFTCO’s specialized staff can transform the existing equipment into an automated guided vehicle without the need of a pedestrian operator depending on the specific requirements of the project.


Four facts about the technology

Adaptability and multiple uses

The said vehicles can be used in mixed mode, either manually or by pedestrian operators.


AGVs are programmed to detect obstacles and react accordingly by readapting their speed or interrupting their course when in emergency situations.


No special infrastructure is required, such as induction cables or magnets, thus reducing the cost for AGV vehicles whether it is for a single or more loads.

Special design & high endurance

They are designed according to the specific project and conditions.