Forklift trucks

We offer a wide range of new and used diesel powered or electronic forklift trucks. Tell us about your needs and we will recommend exactly what suits you best. Through the wide variety of manufacturers and suppliers of the said machines in Greece or abroad we offer the best prices in the entire market with top quality guarantee.

Pallet trucks

Pallet lift trucks are both manual and electric. Manually operated ones have a lifting capacity ranging from 1000 to 3500 kg. They are also available in stainless steel suitable for environments with highly hygiene standards, such as pharmaceutical or food industries. They are also available with a weighing scale. The electric pallet trucks can be found in different versions from pedestrian to rider-seated with a lifting capacity ranging from 1000 kg to 20 cm high reaching 2000 kg and 6 m meters high. They are used in warehouses of various companies while being an essential tool in lorries. At Liftco you will find exactly what you need and of course you will benefit from an after sales service.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Known worldwide as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), the said vehicles can carry, move or pack loads without the presence of a pedestrian operator. These state-of-the-art vehicles can be driven by wired networks, magnetic guide tapes, laser, gyroscope systems etc. as well as natural feature navigation sensors. LIFTCO specializes in the manufacture, supply and conversion of the already existing cargo vehicles into AGV vehicles, powered by natural features sensors.

Spare parts

We pay full attention to our customer’s need for immediate service and spare parts instant availability. That is why, LIFTCO has prepared a great list of spare parts which serve most of the machineries and manufacturers around the world such as Crown, Toyota, Jungheinrich, Linde, Atletκα. At the same time, our well- equipped warehouses which host spare parts of every type of machinery, guarantee immediate delivery, which is not later than tomorrow, while offering superior quality at the best price in the entire market.


We supply and install all kinds of accessories that can be fitted permanently or temporarily to a forklift truck such as clamps, special cramps, telescopic forks, fork extensions, pallet rotators, snow-removing plows, forklift sideshifts, garbage bins, dumpers etc. or any other attachment customers may need. LIFTCO carries out the research, the study and the design of machinery aiming at boosting the production line and optimizing the operating area.

Electrical Batteries

We import, supply and install all kind of electric batteries for every type of electric-powered vehicle, forklift or other special vehicles. We cover the needs of light to heavy type of vehicles in terms of proper maintenance and replacement of electric batteries, when required. We use the appropriate measurement tools and the proper techniques in order to guarantee the smooth performance and the maximum endurance of the batteries we supply our customer network.

Forklifts wheels and pallet trucks

We provide our customers with all kinds of wheels for forklifts or any other cargo vehicle considering that their quality plays a significant part in the maximum performance of the machinery. We offer a wide range of wheels, auxiliary wheels and forks in a variety of dimensions for each machinery and every manufacturer. All products are stored in LIFTCO’s warehouses.

Security Systems

We introduce and install state-of-the-art safety systems used in large logistics warehouses and industrial areas in order to prevent possible accidents. Security cameras which are fitted to forklift vehicles, Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS) mounted on their vest, blue spots, beacons, bombers etc.